Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Keltie Ferris's work is inspired by what is around her. She has a view of the city and when she is not focused on painting she looks out her window at Manhattan. Buildings and skyscrapers are portrayed deeply in her artwork.

Chuck Close's work is inspired by his disability. His work space is designed to help him, due to his limited movement. His work is inspiring to me because he has created numerous masterpieces even though many people in his life tried to tell him he was limited.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Creative Habit, by Twyla Tharp

When looking to close at a piece of art work or putting to much thought into it, I run into a wall. By planning out my art projects, I leave little room for creatively and imagination. A general idea should be used lightly, then, as I progress with the work, I just see where my imagination takes me. In the reading,Twyla Tharp voices, "In order to be habitually creative, you have to know how to prepare to be creative, but good planning alone won't make your efforts successful; it is only after you let go of your plans that you can breathe life into your efforts". Another one of Twyla's points were the value of ritual. Everyone has their own rituals when working; locations, materials, sound etc. For me I need to work with headphones in and silence around me. I need to block out the work around me to be able to let my imagination flow. I like sitting by a window with little sunlight coming through; it gives me a calm feeling. The reading led me to realize that the way we work and the process up to working play a huge role in performance.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Creative Process

           Who knew that football and a symphony orchestra could have so much in common. What is the main similarities between the two? Practice and teamwork. Hard work and determination result in success. How you practice will determine performance. Tom Brady explained that every player on the field was important and without each of them, the game would not be possible. There are many pieces that play into how the team will perform. There are numerous elements that play into how football and an orchestra work. Practice determines how they team will perform at each game. The spin on the ball, the form of the throw, the wind section of the orchestra, the conductor.
           Randomness can turn into something excellent. Personal memories and random ideas can spark creative ideas. Everyone has their ways of coming up with ideas. Jerry Seinfeld explained in his interview that some of his best ideas came from random ideas and personal memories. Much like Seinfeld, most of my creative ideas spark from random thoughts that pass through my head or ideas from my past.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Future Plans

In the 8th grade at the Park School, our art class was assigned the 'Half Face' project. For this project we had to choose a portrait of a famous individual that we admired. We pixelated the face so that the different shades were visible and then cut the picture down the middle. The project was to draw the other half of the face. Our teacher did not believe in perfection; every time I went up to her saying I was finished, she would tell me to sit back in my chair and improve my drawing. This lead me to learn not to rush and take me time with my work. Out of every piece of work I have made, my 'Half Face' of Chase Crawford was by far my favorite. For my project this year I would love to pick a person who has made a large impact on my life and make an even bigger half face. My preferred materials to work with are a pencil of random objects that I would find around the room. I love to draw portraits; I also like to  just draw what first comes to mind and see where my work goes. The art materials we are provided with inspire me. There are so many different materials we are given to work with and I like to find which are the hardest to use and see how I can incorporate them into my work.

Janine Antoni

My painting was inspired by Janine Antoni, a contemporary artist who creates work in performance art, sculpture, and photography. One of her pieces was done by her dipping her hair in black paint, and dragging it on the floor. I took this theme of 'being not in control', and painted with the paintbrush between my toes. Antoni was born and raised in the Bahamas and to portray this I painted a beach scene of the ocean, flowers, and sunset.