Thursday, December 12, 2013

Creative Process

           Who knew that football and a symphony orchestra could have so much in common. What is the main similarities between the two? Practice and teamwork. Hard work and determination result in success. How you practice will determine performance. Tom Brady explained that every player on the field was important and without each of them, the game would not be possible. There are many pieces that play into how the team will perform. There are numerous elements that play into how football and an orchestra work. Practice determines how they team will perform at each game. The spin on the ball, the form of the throw, the wind section of the orchestra, the conductor.
           Randomness can turn into something excellent. Personal memories and random ideas can spark creative ideas. Everyone has their ways of coming up with ideas. Jerry Seinfeld explained in his interview that some of his best ideas came from random ideas and personal memories. Much like Seinfeld, most of my creative ideas spark from random thoughts that pass through my head or ideas from my past.

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