Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Future Plans

In the 8th grade at the Park School, our art class was assigned the 'Half Face' project. For this project we had to choose a portrait of a famous individual that we admired. We pixelated the face so that the different shades were visible and then cut the picture down the middle. The project was to draw the other half of the face. Our teacher did not believe in perfection; every time I went up to her saying I was finished, she would tell me to sit back in my chair and improve my drawing. This lead me to learn not to rush and take me time with my work. Out of every piece of work I have made, my 'Half Face' of Chase Crawford was by far my favorite. For my project this year I would love to pick a person who has made a large impact on my life and make an even bigger half face. My preferred materials to work with are a pencil of random objects that I would find around the room. I love to draw portraits; I also like to  just draw what first comes to mind and see where my work goes. The art materials we are provided with inspire me. There are so many different materials we are given to work with and I like to find which are the hardest to use and see how I can incorporate them into my work.

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