Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Art & Fear, by David Bayles & Ted Orland

"There is probably no clearer waste of psychic energy than worrying about how much talent you have - and probably no worry more common".
   As humans, it is natural to compare our selves to others. Whether it is appearance, talent, things we want that others have, we will alway have this fear that we aren't good enough. Everyone has a different talent. As a dancer, I always compare myself to others which makes it harder for me to focus on improving. Although the way I dance may not be exactly as someone else, or as good as someone else, I make it my own; by making it my own, I have no one to compare myself with. I have realized that dwelling on  what I don't have will only further prevent myself from improving.

"As you see error in what you have done, you steer you work towards what you imagine you can do perfectly. You cling ever so tightly to what you already know you can do - away from risk and exploration, and possibly further from the work of your heart".
   When I experience fear, I begin to focus on things I already know how to do. By steering clear from failure, I fail instead to experience and explore different things. I have been dancing since I was in second grade. Friends and families always pegged me as a dancer, rather than the "athletic" type. As I grew up I watched my sister play lacrosse, I loved the game. But seeing how well my sister played, and seeing my self only as a dancer, I was to nervous to try and play the game. After a few years, I decided I wanted to try something new for once. I quite dance, and joined the beaver lacrosse team. I may not have been the best player on the team, but I loved playing the game and got over my fear of trying something new.

"The lessons you are meant to learn are in your work. To see them, you need only look at the work clearly - without judgement, without need or fear, without wishes or hopes. Without emotional expectations".
   From this quote, I learned that in order to learn a lesson, it is important to observe my work (past experiences/mistakes) with clear eyes, and willingness to accept faults I have made. It is important to step back and look at my work from every perspective in order to improve.

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