Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Austin Kleon & Kirby Ferguson

My reaction to Austin Kleon:
   I always hear people saying "I'm trying to find myself". I never quite understood what that meant. You see in movies how people are always going on on adventures and traveling the world "in search of themselves". Austin Kleon wrote "Write the book you want to read". I liked this because i interpreted it as, instead of finding myself, I need to create myself. When I think to myself what I want to be in like and what I want to accomplish, thats where I start my "creation".
Helpful advice:
   When I think of what I want my project to be, I realized if I search to hard, I wont find it. The first few weeks of class I had the chance to practiced using different materials and playing around with different ideas. This helped ideas naturally flow and helped my get a sense of what I may want to do for my project.

My reaction to Kirby Ferguson:
   Inspiration sparks from past experiences or memories. Feelings, songs, art, books, are all things that can lead to ideas. We take things that we have seen or noticed, and enjoyed, and can combine them to create something new.
Helpful advice:
   Looking at past artwork I've made and past art others have made can trigger ideas for what I want my project to be. I can take a past art piece I have done and combine it with other pieces of art I have seen that have inspired me, and I can make something of my own.

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