Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Art

New Art Is:

- Process driven art (what makes the art important)
- Showing the audience how the artist views things through their eyes
- Question how the artist is making what their making
- Art is how the artist communicates with the world
- Bringing things from the mind and turning it into art, sharing it
- Have a relationship with the audience through their work
- Pleasing the artist, doing it for them, not for anyone else
- Wheres the limit is in the piece of work, is there even one?
- "Making things out of nothing"
- The rate of change in technology is a key factor in new media art
- Art brings out happiness
- Wake up every day inspired

Attitude Towards Making Art, Business of art:

- Categories are "silly", restricts the artist from entering the other
categories (not enough room to explore or be imaginative)
- Putting art where it doesn't belong
- Always thinking, the artist is influenced by everything around them
- Theres types of art where you don't need to step back, you don't need
to think about it, you just enjoy it: "Turning off the mind"
- Bringing things from the mind and turning it into art, sharing it
- "Working first with an idea, and that being the basis of the art making"
- The process of making the work
- Business is a huge part of art
- Reaching the right audience
- Will the audience feel inspired by the art, will it have the same impression
on the viewer as it does on the artist

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