Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Exhibition Formats

When looking through the slide show, it really made me think about where I want to go as an artist. There are so many things I want the viewer to get out of my art: what I want them to see, what I want them to feel, etc. All of these artists are so inspiring. I really enjoyed how Shepard Fairey, Susan Opton, and Christo had work that was placed outside the gallery. I also enjoyed Letha Wilson and how her work really utilized the space he was using. But mostly, I loved Ann Hamilton, and how her work was interactive with the swings; the viewer was allowed to engage in the art, rather than just looking at it. If I had to choose which artist best portrayed the kind of work I want to pursue, I would pick Tony Oursler. It engages different sense and uses multimedia; the project I am considering for my final project consists of these different elements. I want viewers to be able to relate to my work. I want it to make them think, but for the message to be simple enough that they can interpret it however they want. Tony Oursler works a lot with projections and faces: faces that move, faces that talk. He has inspired my to go further with my half faces and use other medias to help portray my message that I am trying to send to my viewers. A key feature in Tony's work is the ways he incorporates the human body. The body is used in a very literal sense through projections of fragmented body parts.

Talking Faces:

A quote from
"A recurrent theme in Oursler's work is the way in which visual technologies influence and even modify our social and psychological selves.  His practice continuously engages with popular culture and questions how systems of mechanical reproduction, like photography, film and television, have come to dictate not only the way we see the world, but also the ways that images are constructed. "

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